INVINCIBLE ‘average’ mums. You’re not average at all. 

An open letter to the average mums. The ones with piles of unwashed laundry, with kids still in their pjs at 3pm on a Saturday. The mums who make toasted cheese sandwiches for dinner far more often that they should. You’re not average, you’re fierce and I am you. Any one of my customers who has seen the state of Eva and I at my door on a Saturday morning can back me up on that. 
On the weekend, one of the ladies who attended my PIP & LOU. DESSERT ED workshop asked me a question. A question that shook me. She asked me what I had to say to those mothers who some weeks cannot get a single load of washing done. The mums looking at mothers like me on social media who are doing great things, managing so much, who have it all organised.
My response after a moments pause was this. Social media is a load of shit. Really, it is. Social media is designed to sell. It’s designed to generate trends which generate unattainable goals. It is, as I explained to that lady, in my opinion, one of the primary causes for the dramatic increase in mental health issues over the last few years. 
What you don’t see on social media is the hour of stress that goes into the pre pick up chaos. You don’t see casper running to the IGA for icing sugar because it turns out I’ve already used the last 5kg I thought I’d stashed in the cupboard.
You don’t see me trying to keep Eva away from the door because I’ve been running since 6am on four hours sleep and haven’t hide time to brush her hair and wipe the Vegemite off her face before she happily greets my 9am customers. 
You don’t see the 10 loads of washing still sitting in my laundry or the dinners I spend at the computer while Eva and Casper eat together behind me. Right this minute both Casper and Eva are in bed whilst I’m sipping tea, answering the dozens of emails that came in today and working on my latest dessert collection. 
All you see are the pretty cakes I make in order to keep a roof over my child’s head, pay my bills, buy ingredients and occasional throw a few hundred dollars on my ridiculous and still very much outstanding legal bills. 
This picture for example, was taken at a glamorous photo shoot. One conducted by fabulous local creatives who worked their backsides off in 40+ degrees to pull it together. This picture is one of exhaustion. This is a picture of a mother trying desperately to pull a business out of the ground in order to cut back on her 80 hour work week and spend more time with the kid she is fighting so hard to support. 
This is a mother who felt that she’d passed off her kid to attend an unpaid work event in the hope that it might be published and her business would take off full time. This is a mother who spent $200she didn’t have, on the ingredients that went into the cakes for that shoot. Because sometimes getting ahead means taking a small step back. 
That photo shoot was one of the many insane opportunities I have been blessed to contribute to. One of the many that has helped to build PIP & LOU. into the one of a kind creative powerhouse that it is today. It is one that has helped build the authentic platform I now so eagerly use to serve community causes as often as I am able.
The platform and business I have did not fall from the sky. I built it. I built it on no sleep, no money, no spare time. I built it in converse that had holes in the soles, the one bra I owned that did not have the wire coming through and the $15 valley girl top I’m wearing in this picture. 
Success takes sacrifice and there are women all over canberra and beyond killing themselves build something special, get their kids fed and spend time with their long suffering partners and friends. So don’t for one minute ever compare your house hold or accomplishments on what you see portrayed on social media. 
We all have dirty houses and takeaway for dinner far often that we should. All you should be worried about it if the people in your home are happy, fed and loved. Mine are. 
P.S Thank you Casper for doing the washing better than I do, for always making our clothes smell nice and for your immaculate folding techniques! I don’t know how I ever handled life without you lol
Camille xo #invincibleshe #pipandlou

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